American Bulldog vs Pitbull Size fight comparison- who will win?

When it comes to dog fights, size and strength are crucial factors that determine the winner. The American Bulldog and Pitbull are two popular dog breeds that are often compared for their size and fighting abilities. In this article, we will compare the two breeds in terms of their physical characteristics, temperament, and fighting abilities to determine which breed would come out on top in a size fight of American Bulldog vs Pitbull.

American Bulldog vs Pitbull Physical Characteristics

The physical characters of Pitbull vs American BullDog is given below-

American Bulldog

  • Height and weight range
  • Muscular build
  • Wide and powerful jaws
  • Strong and stocky body


  • Height and weight range
  • Athletic and muscular build
  • Powerful jaws
  • Lean and agile body

American Bulldog vs Pitbull Temperament

Here below, we compare Temperament between Pitbull vs American Bulldog.

American Bulldog

  • Loyal and protective
  • Confident and fearless
  • Can be aggressive towards other dogs
  • Generally good with children


  • Loyal and affectionate
  • Intelligent and energetic
  • Can be aggressive towards other dogs
  • Generally good with children

American Bulldog vs Pitbull Fighting Abilities

The fighting abilities of both dogs are explained below-

American Bulldog

  • Strong bite force
  • Tenacious and determined
  • Aggressive towards other dogs
  • Used in bull-baiting and dogfighting


  • Strong bite force
  • Agile and quick
  • Aggressive towards other dogs
  • Used in dogfighting

American Bulldog and Pitbull Training and Exercise

Both American Bulldogs and Pitbulls require regular exercise and training to stay healthy and happy. They are both intelligent breeds that respond well to positive reinforcement training methods. American Bulldogs are generally easier to train and have a stronger desire to please their owners, while Pitbulls can be more stubborn and independent. Both breeds need to be socialized early on to prevent aggressive behavior towards other dogs or humans.

American Bulldog vs Pitbull Fight comparison- Who Will Win?

It’s important to note that dogfighting is illegal and inhumane, and we do not condone or support such activities. In a hypothetical fight between American Bulldog and Pitbull, the outcome depends on several factors, including the individual dog’s size, strength, and temperament, as well as the training and socialization of each dog. 

Here is detailed table comparison of American Bulldog vs Pitbull below-

AspectAmerican BulldogPitbull
OriginUnited StatesEngland
Breed TypeWorkingTerrier
Average Life Span10-15 years12-16 years
TemperamentConfident, Friendly, EnergeticAffectionate, Loyal, Stubborn
Weight (male)70-120 lbs35-70 lbs
Weight (female)60-100 lbs30-60 lbs
Height (male)22-28 inches18-21 inches
Height (female)20-26 inches17-20 inches
CoatShort and denseShort and smooth
Coat ColorsWhite, Brown, BrindleVarious colors, often with white markings
Health IssuesHip Dysplasia, Skin Allergies, Eye ProblemsHip Dysplasia, Allergies, Heart Disease
TrainabilityEasy to train with proper socializationCan be stubborn and require firm, consistent training
Exercise NeedsHigh, requires daily exerciseHigh, requires daily exercise
Grooming NeedsLow, occasional brushingLow, occasional brushing
It's important to note that individual dogs may vary in temperam


1. Are American Bulldogs and Pitbulls safe around children?

Both breeds can be good with children but require early socialization and training to prevent aggressive behavior.

2. Can American Bulldogs and Pitbulls be trained not to fight?

Yes, both breeds can be trained to be well-behaved and non-aggressive towards other dogs with proper training and socialization.

3. How can I ensure that my dog does not become aggressive towards other dogs?

Early socialization and training, proper exercise and nutrition, and positive reinforcement techniques can all help prevent aggressive behavior in dogs.


In conclusion, both the American Bulldog and Pitbull are strong and powerful dog breeds with a history of aggression towards other dogs. In a size fight, it would be a close call as both breeds have similar physical characteristics and fighting abilities. However, the American Bulldog’s stocky build and powerful jaws give it a slight advantage over the Pitbull’s lean and agile body. I hope you like reading on American Bulldog vs Pitbull size fight comparison.

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